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16 Jul

I would just like to note for the record how much I have enjoyed watching the entire Internet fall headlong into the Sebastian Stan Shame Vortex. It’s been really great. Thanks, everyone.

10 Jul


  • Basingstoke: new headcanon: steve has a massive crush on tammy duckworth
  • Basingstoke: he would never do anything about it
  • Basingstoke: she's married and she outranks him
  • Basingstoke: but by gum, she's a hell of a woman.
  • Me: awwwww
  • Me: yes, she is a married woman
  • Me: he can only love from afar
  • Me: also, now imagining all the cap/tammy smushnames
01 Jul

this evening in Thoughts About Steve Rogers

You know what movie people would recommend to Steve ALL THE TIME and which he would HATE?

Forrest Gump. Oh my god, he would hate it SO MUCH.

01 Jul

speaking of the daemon au that’s currently eating my brain

There are large chunks of this that are still TBD, but no matter what happens this is definitely the money shot:

Whatever this place is, Hydra hasn’t bothered to waste manpower on it in a long time. Steve lets himself in cautiously, Gracie close at his heels, but unlike the other bases where Bucky had been and gone, there aren’t any bodies lying slumped, no red spray on the walls drying to brown.

Gracie doesn’t need to follow Bucky’s scent. There’s a single set of footprints in the dust. Steve tries not to think about how there should be two.

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28 Jun

fuck my life, apparently writing an MCU daemon AU

whooooooooooo wants to help me brainstorm?

(fun fact, there is a bird called the Laughing Falcon that primarily preys on snakes, so that’s Sam taken care of.)

21 Apr

important Steve Rogers fact: he can probably swear fluently in at least four languages

I mean. I’m sure he can say some other stuff too! But the IMPORTANT part is that he knows all possible swears in English, French, German and Japanese circa 1944.

18 Apr

protip: do not listen to “Fortunate Son” if you have watched Cap 2 anytime in the last 100 years

18 Apr

oh god, you guys, I’ve hit the point where literally every song I listen to that is remotely a sad love song gives me upsetting Steve/Bucky feelings

in the last half hour, this has happened with Regina Spektor’s On the Radio, Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart, Vienna Teng’s Stray Italian Greyhound, and for some reason Spiderwebs by No Doubt

this is so much worse than the time I realized every breakup song is a hilarious Lex/Clark Smallville vid waiting to happen

18 Apr

cosmictuesdays said: I want fic of Steve and Bucky shopping at the greenmarket, both because it's the only place to get fruit that tastes right, and because NO ONE would believe Captain America does his own shopping. It's the perfect hiding-in-plain-sight cover.

CORRECT, Steve is That Guy who buys all his produce organic and as local as possible and cares sincerely about food miles and Bucky gives him ENDLESS shit for it but Steve figures that since they no longer have to subsist on Bucky’s horrible Depression-era meatloaf that was mostly turnip, why not get the good stuff?

15 Apr

So, I am off work this week and going a bit stir-crazy at home. Anyone interested in an outing tomorrow, either to do touristy DC things or to see Cap 2 again or both?