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08 Jul Aw, sorry #hawkeye. #avengers

Aw, sorry #hawkeye. #avengers

22 Aug

I made a thing.

MCU Stories, a collection of ficlets from the less-traveled corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Submissions and photo prompts very, very welcome.

25 May

fic post!

The Personal (Assistant) Is Political

Avengers, gen.

25 May

things that are the worst: finishing a fic too late at night for any of your beta readers to be awake

(uh, if anyone would like to read 7k of Steve Rogers being an FDR Democrat and exasperating his personal assistant, i am on gchat at hollimichele.)

24 May

So, the first thing you have to remember about Steve Rogers is this: he is always on the side of the little guy, and he hates bullies.

The second thing you have to remember is: he grew up poor, sickly and Irish in the Great Depression.

The third thing you have to remember is: he’s really, astonishingly good at adapting to his situation.

So he might not know exactly what the state of the playing field is in 2013, but he definitely, DEFINITELY knows which team he’s on.

(this post brought to you by my feelings about FDR Democrats)

23 May

My Steve Rogers headcanon: his parents met at an IWW rally.

30 Apr


We FINALLY have dates for Captain America II filming in DC!

I just got off the phone with the DC Film Office, and learned that the Theodore Roosevelt bridge is going to be closed for filming this coming Sunday, May 5. There will be additional filming May 12-16, but locations aren’t known yet— should be posted to the Film Office website a week in advance.

Who’s in for set-stalking?

11 Jul

fic post: the first night

title: The First Night

fandoms: Captain America, the Avengers

pairing: Steve/Peggy

rating: Adult

Not surprisingly, Peggy’s first day in the 21st century was all a bit of a blur.

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04 Jul

Steve Rogers is 94 today! We celebrated with cake. And vodka.

01 Jul

fic post: Protocol 1985

Title: Protocol 1985

Fandom: Avengers

Rating: Gen

Summary: Clint and Natasha get stranded in 1946. They’re not thrilled about it.

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