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20 Apr

One week to Zinefest— here’s what we did!

I am super excited to announce that Chosen Ones, The Avatar Cyle, and Infinite Unknowns are complete and going to print tomorrow!

Sadly, I am still short on material for Concordance, but I’m going keep accepting contributions until DC Zinefest in August, and hopefully get it done by then.

Final pagecount, if you’re curious:

Chosen Ones, 20 pages

The Avatar Cycle, 24 pages

Infinite Unknowns, 28 pages

I will have print copies available this Sunday, April 27 at Brooklyn Zinefest, along with a solo zine about fandom, print copies of my Galaxy Quest zine from Yuletide, and my previous print zines (for Doctor Who, Discworld, Les Mis and Pushing Daisies).

PDFs of all complete zines will be available here sometime next week— I’ll be sure to post about it. Contributor’s copies will also be going out in the mail as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to all my amazing contributors! These zines are awesome, thanks to you.

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    Concordance still needs stuff, guys! Don’t make me write another 5 pages of meta or fic, because I WILL DO IT.
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