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15 Apr

deannatroi replied to your post: deannatroi answered your post: So, I a…

That’s fine because I have to be at work by 4!

Perfect! Lemme check the showtimes and we’ll figure something out. Is the Majestic in Silver Spring okay?

15 Apr

deannatroi answered your post: So, I am off work this week and going …

I HAVEN’T SEEN CAP 2 YET AND I WANT TO but I’ve plans tomorrow. Are you free for an early showing on Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun?

Yes! I have a doctor’s appointment at 4 on Thursday but I could totally go any time before that.

15 Apr

So, I am off work this week and going a bit stir-crazy at home. Anyone interested in an outing tomorrow, either to do touristy DC things or to see Cap 2 again or both?

15 Apr


lmao i can’t stop giggling over poor bucky trying to figure out the dc metro

"what the hell is rush plus"

"what kind of crazy-ass system is this who the fuck charges a different amount for a subway ride based on which stations you’re going to"

"what’s with all these escalators being broken do they not have people to fix them or something"

"why does this train station look like a shopping mall"

"how come the board says a train is coming in the next 20 minutes isn’t it a weekday"

"what do you mean the exit fare machine doesn’t take stolen credit cards”

"why do they keep letting people into this station the platforms are completely full someone’s going to fall onto the tracks"

"what do you mean ‘we’ll be moving momentarily’ you said that fifteen minutes ago am i going to be stuck in this tunnel forever"

"how come it just took me half an hour to go from metro center to woodley park i could have walked there faster"

"stand on the RIGHT, assholes"

"uuuuugh why would you bring a triple-wide stroller on this train it’s rush hour for god’s sake"

"new yorkers would never put up with this and i don’t know how i know that but i know that’s true"

"what do you mean weekend track work"

"ugh i broke away from hydra for this?”

15 Apr



so like the thing about DC

(and i say this having lived here my entire life)

is that people come to DC for really specific reasons

people go to new york cause it’s a hub— fashion and publishing and art

they go to la for technology and movies and idk, plastic surgery?

but dc is a transient city and the people who come here come here to change the world

they come here to be policy wonks, they come here to work for a senator or a congressman, they come here to lobby and argue and be passionate about shaping the world in a political way

and that’s not the only thing dc is (we have great theatre, and museums and cherry blossoms)

but every spring there’s a breath of fresh air when the new recruits get here, when they get out of college and come to fight for the world

people who aren’t born here stay in dc for about five years, usually

that’s when fatigue and ennui and jaded sadness starts to set in, and they have to get out, get home away from a metro that never works and avenue blocks that go on forever and the oppressive swamp summers that pervade here

but there are people who stay, of course. people who might feel the fatigue and ennui and still keep fighting and trying and braving the summers and the winters and the metro for that one chance to do something amazing

i guess what i’m saying is that steve rogers would fit right in here

he’d read the reliable source, and suffer through date lab, and check for red line singletracking on weekends. he’d go to nats games, he’d hang out at politics and prose, he’d even brave a few of the weirder fringe shows. he’d go to the library of congress, he’d stop by the hirshorn and the sculpture gallery, he’d wander up to the national cathedral and take in a mass

and every spring he’d feel the breeze and know that the kids who want to change the world are coming. they might not stay long, their optimism might not last, but they’re coming, and they do not stop coming


All the DC-area geeks coming out of the woodwork for this movie are making me REALLY happy.

15 Apr


@nonasuch I am 95% percent sure the Winter Soldier pilots one of SHIELDS helicopters!

(This is part of a conversation I am having with Holli about how much the winter soldier remembers.  If he is reset to 1945 brainwashing every time, could he pilot a modern ‘copter?)

Yeah, I think he does pilot a quinjet to get to the third carrier. So I think the wipes were somehow targeting conscious memory and leaving muscle memory alone, if that makes sense? I mean, comic book science, but still.

15 Apr





I do feel that fandom, in its distress over Bucky’s general existence, has neglected something very important:


Does he figure out the SmarTrip machine?

Does he wait patiently for Silver Line trains?

Does he like cupcakes?

Does he get to visit the dinosaur part of the Natural History Museum before it closes for renovations?



does he know the good times to go to the zoo

does he read Capital Weather Gang yet

who signed him up for a DC public library card

I feel this is relevant to melannen, bro-stoevsky, shewhowishes, and our post-Cap-2 discussion of Bucky wandering into a Ben & Jerry’s and staring into the distance with a slightly haunted expression while the poor girl behind the counter tries to ask him what kind of ice cream he wants. (They’re probably running a special Captain America themed flavor, too.)

"Excuse me," a woman said, putting her hand on the Winter Soldier’s elbow outside of the Ben and Jerry’s in Dupont, which was honoring free cone day. He almost dropped his ice cream in surprise, but held onto it. "Can you tell me how to get to the White House? I’m not sure if I should take the Metro to Elephant Plaza or Smithsonian. Do you know?" 

The Winter Soldier stared at her, so she pointed out the landmark, glittering in the sunlight at the other end of town. “I just need to get that way, to the White House.”

"That’s the United States Capitol," said the Winter Soldier. 

"Are you sure?"

"No," said the Winter Soldier, turning to leave with his ice cream.

He wasn’t sure of anything.

An hour later he found himself in Meridian Hill. He went into the park. His ice cream had melted on the aspirationally buff curves of his metal arm, and it was attracting bees. He found himself facing a tired-looking bronze and granite statue, also surrounded by bees due to the melting frappucino in spilled at the statue’s feet. 

BUCHANAN, said the inscription above the statue, and to one side, JAMES BUCHANAN OF PENNSYLVANIA.

The Winter Soldier felt a deep sense of loss, or discomfort, seeing those words. Something was missing from him as he was, taken or forgotten or lost, and thinking hard he identified it: the ice cream.

He needed a fresh ice cream. 


Other aspects of Bucky’s DC Adventure that I would enjoy:

Bucky at Eastern Market (“these empanadas are really good,” he thinks)

Bucky wincing every time he passes a street vendor selling Cap t-shirts, of which there are no doubt many

Bucky eating a dirty water hot dog and finding it hauntingly familiar. Not in a good way, but not really in a bad way either

Bucky choosing a bar at random and winding up at Punk Rock Karaoke night at the Black Cat

Bucky spending hours sitting in a pew at the National Cathedral on a gray day when it’s mostly empty and it’s cool and dim and quiet inside, the stained glass lit up just enough to be lovely

Bucky at the zoo. Bucky at the zoooooooooooo

15 Apr It&#8217;s possible I only should have made half a batch of pancakes.

It’s possible I only should have made half a batch of pancakes.

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14 Apr Soutache over lace!!!! #vintage #vintagedress #1950s

Soutache over lace!!!! #vintage #vintagedress #1950s

14 Apr This #1940s number isn&#8217;t bad either. #vintage #vintagedress #vintagefashion

This #1940s number isn’t bad either. #vintage #vintagedress #vintagefashion